6 essential elements for your website to be effective

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2015-07-27 12:04:45

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6 essential elements for your website to be effective

Although the revenue of your business come mainly from "real world", a site cleverly designed and informative is essential to build confidence your future customers. The point in a few keys.

How many times did you fall on a site and are you left because you did not find what you are looking for there? Yet, just like you, it is quite possible that the company behind this site is serious in his work. But voila, you have left the site because it was / unclear / too ugly / too colorful / poorly written / (delete as appropriate). Sometimes it is better to have a site containing only two pages rather than a visionary site in which the user is lost. By cons, it must be effective. And to do to transform the Internet in prospect, it must have some specific information.

Your homepage

what are you doing ? What are you selling?
Show on your home page a list of your products or your key services will help people quickly identify if you are the type of business they want. Conversely, if they fail to define it, even if you are the company you need, you lose a contact. However, stay short and display only the essentials.

Where do you stand?
Specify your location, and you receive customers without appointment at your business, provide your full address. Besides, why not also integrate Google Map, so as to be easily identifiable? How people can come to you is often one of their questions.

What time do you open?
Yes, I know, you are right to think that I have not invented hot water by telling you that. And yet, if I say it's because it's not easy for everyone. I still had the example yesterday wanting to go to a trade. It was Monday, it was closed, and it was marked anywhere except on his door grafted.

About you
A page about you is very important. On all the sites I design for which customers decide to one, it is often very page you read. Starting with that of my own site. If the home page presents a brief, here we speak of a page up further into the details and giving the visitor more reasons to trust: customer stories, skills, years of experience, etc.

Guided by their affect, and people have a sense of control because they could gauge before you get to your business. To satisfy their curiosity a little, do not be afraid to add a picture of your store, your workplace or to the production team. Show that there are real people, real life business and that's not an amateur band in their garage. You are pro, show it!

How can people contact you questions?
While this information seems basic, there will always be people who will want to call you for specific requests. Indulge certain products? Do you work with such provider? Attention display his email address is a false good idea. It will not only be caught by spam bot, but in addition it forces the user to go to his e-mail box to write next. Instead, a phone number and a contact form are as simple as they are effective.

Show your expertise
For that, nothing better than a blog. You are plombiez? Give tips that will enable people to handle the situation in case of flooding of washing machine or a gas leak (well you respond to emergency needs). Do not be afraid to share your knowledge! You are vet? Write tips on how to care for their pet in case of strong heat or to recognize some worrying symptoms (when you answer the fear). Sharing your knowledge does not replace your knowledge. On the contrary, it only shows that you know what you're talking. Most people do not have the time or the desire to do things themselves and are ready to pay you once they understand the complexity of your business. The mere fact of you being helpful and shown to have proven your expertise made you earn points

And if you do not trust you to write clear and error, write a rough draft and then send it to a professional.

products and services
What will visitors who want to buy your products? Unless you are on an e-commerce site, you'll have to push the visitor to take the step from your door or contact you. Also, remember to describe the products or services you sell. If it is a product, accompany the clear pictures that show one situation.

It is also important to give a clear pricing. This is a bias, and some will say the opposite, but I think only indicate a fork or a starting price, as is the case for me, is the required minimum. Customers want to feel confident. If a customer leaves your website because of the price, it would have done anyway after you contacted (and wastes your time, the coup).

Once you have created all this content, you must ensure that your target audience can easily find and use the information provided by your website. Also, consider conducting informal usability testing. But beware, it is preferable that lambdas by people who do not know or just your activity because your own customers will not always have an objective look at your subject.

The best for last: Have a simple design
Like kittens, unicorns, and gif flashing yorkshire pink background? Good for you, but keep it for your personal site (and taking valium).
A professional website must be simple, with an accessible and readable information. As I often say, to want to do too original, you could simply create a foil. What drives your customers to come to you is clear information that is supported by a consistent design. And since a picture is worth a thousand words ...

This list is of course not exhaustive, but it already gives you good food for thought to improve your message and structure how you Convey it to your site. At your disposal to discuss the subject in comments


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