Top 3 Traffic Sources That Works now

Serjio Jozzep
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2016-04-26 09:58:23

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Top 3 Traffic Sources That Works now

Hello there, everyone i'm doing this thread to share with you TOP 3 traffic sources that really works now in 2016 which i'm using in my business online...

Source 1 : PPC (Pay per click)

Pay per click is my best traffic source because putting your ad in front of high targeted traffic.

You get people when they are in search setting and are looking for what you have to give you to them and you will get high RETURN ON INVESTMENT if you do it right....

Top PPC Networks: Google Adwords , Bing Ads and there are some smaller 
7 search ...

Source 2 : Banners 

You can get a loot of top quality traffic with ads you can advertise on others high ranked or high traffic sites.

You can set you screaming or picture ad on websites that are getting plenty of views...


How To Find Websites: Google them "niche you are in " + blogs
Or you can go to banner networks: or

Source 3: YouTube vidéo ads 

Last traffic source is online video advertisings...

You can find youtube advertisings or ppc and create video advertisings...

And target them by videos or keywords how to create video advertisings you can google it and it's really really simple and one of highest quality traffic you can get...


Hope this will help you if you have any questions leave the comment below and i wll do the best to answer you

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